A staycation for 2….

A staycation for 2….
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Our website focuses mainly on our family of 5 traveling the world, however sometimes also mommy and daddy need a little time on their own. Why not share this too?!

We all love our kids and love spending time with them, right? Don’t we all miss them terribly, when we are apart from them for more than one day? It is safe to say that it is ok to take a couple of days off to be together as a couple. To be around other grown ups. Do things that you totally would not do with your young ones around.

You know what was the main thing that my husband and I wanted to do? Sleep in! Yes, we haven’t slept so well in almost 2 years. Since our youngest was born and we had our last staycation. However, even then it wasn’t as restful for me because I was 34 weeks pregnant!

Our Staycation plan

A few weeks ago my husband surprised me with a little staycation at The Sanctuary Camelback Resort  here in Scottsdale.

Originally he had booked one night. Luckily my mother was more than happy to be with our kids for the weekend, so we added an extra night! Believe me, it was the best thing we could do!

We rushed to the store to get all the groceries so they wouldn’t starve for 2 days without us. We did laundry and put everything away. Cleaned the pool so they could swim all they wanted. We packed a bag, like we were leaving for a month (maybe that was our plan all along). We were finally off for our destination only 25 minutes away.

Before having kids I thought it was ridiculous to stay in town for vacation. However when you don’t have much time to be away, you want to make the most of it. You don’t want to waste all the time driving or flying, so Scottsdale was a perfect solution.

As I said before our guilt made us book one night initially. The problem is that the first night is what makes you adjust to the idea of being away. It feels like your body and your mind aren’t 100% relaxed yet. It takes a good 12 hours to register. So in order to really enjoy a short trip you need at least one more night.

our staycation room

What we did

As soon as we left our driveway we relaxed completely.

Did you notice how you speak more softly when you don’t have kids around? Usually everyone wants to talk at the same time, so in order to have a conversation with your husband you need to speak very loud! Or they all decide to interrupt you because what they have to say is really very important? Welcome to our world!

Once we got to the hotel, checked in and explored the place, and we were off to the pool. A huge cloud was coming, but it was not going to stop up us from getting in complete relax mode. We ended up floating in the pool and in the hot tub, chatting about everything and nothing under a wonderful rain storm. We loved every second of it!

staycation pool

Dinner is another sublime experience here at the Sanctuary’s Elements Restaurant! Thanks to Chef Beau MacMillan, well-known for his victory on Iron Chef America, and his incredible menu. We had 2 unforgettable meals. Thanks to the perfection of the recipes, the romantic atmosphere in the restaurant and the beautiful views on Paradise Valley. The first night we also got to see fireworks right in front of us while we were dining! After dinner you can walk next door to the Jade Bar and enjoy some live music. This was the perfect ending to a perfect day!

staycation walk

Our full vacation day started after a very deep and long sleep. We had a lovely breakfast at the Elements Restaurant, followed by a little walk around the property (after a while we couldn’t deal with the heat anymore). We did some workout in the gym and a yoga class. Finally we payed a visit at the spa (yes they do nails, hair and massages!)as well.
After all these activities we finally chilled at the pool. It was a busy day, but it was just so good to be together. We needed some time to enjoy each others company, without having to worry every moment about where and what our little people were doing! We needed to enjoy a moment just being us!

staycation workout
At the end of our full day, the clouds came back as well as the rain. It is rare here, so I think it is safe to say that we all enjoy it! We took advantage of the storm to just hang out in our room and enjoy a classic “Pretty Woman” before heading our for another unforgettable dinner at the Elements Restaurant.

staycation in the pool

The next day after taking advantage of a late check out and some extra time at the pool we were ready and happy to go back home to our kids and finish our weekend all together as a party of 5!


Final reflection on the staycation

We love our kids. We love the family we have created together. We love the moments, the adventures, the joys and the tougher moments that we share, they are all what make Us. But we also love the two people who found each in this big world and started this adventure together. We love having a chance, when possible, to dedicate sometime to the two of us. We don’t fear loosing our unity as couple, but we enjoy each others company without any distraction. We love to revisit, for a short time, the couple that we were when our life together started. The only difference is that now we know what we have accomplished together and how strong our love is……

Every couple should take a staycation sometime!

our kids

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Check out the lovely hotel we stayed at The Sanctuary Camelback Resort !!!

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