A weekend on Amelia Island, FL

In February I took a little side adventure on my own to Amelia Island in Florida.

As some of you know, I am a professional photographer. I truly believe in the importance of continuously improving my craft by attending courses and workshops. It is always refreshing to go to a conference where other professionals are willing to share more about their style and their area of focus. They often give us great tips or a better understanding of an area that maybe we didn’t feel too confident to explore. Every time I come home with some new ideas to apply to my work!

Amelia beach

Considering the approaching departure date of our family adventure, this year I thought it would be better to skip my favorite photography conference: Click Away. I thought it would be best to save the money for our trip. However a part of me could not let go of the idea that it would be awesome to go once more.

Luckily I have an amazing husband that is always pushing me to work on my art. He insisted I sign up anyway! Of course I listened, although a part of me thought that it was pointless to go since I am basically taking some time off from my business!

Life has a funny way of working its magic! After signing up, I found out what classes were available. Believe it or not I found all topics that fit perfectly with our new adventure in a way or the other! The sense of guilt was gone right away. I’m so happy I listened to my better half!

The Resort

Amelia Island Plantation is a luxury resort community on Amelia Island. This is the westernmost barrier island on the Atlantic Ocean in the U.S. The hotel on the property is part of Omni Hotels & Resort. The 1,350 acre community includes a 404-room hotel, 9 restaurants, 3 golf courses and nearly two dozen tennis courts. It is a huge property and truly amazing!

Amelia island beach

From the hotel you have unparalleled views of the Atlantic Ocean. You can relax on the largest multi-tiered pool deck in northeast Florida or walk right down to the beach. On the property you can also enjoy kayaking and paddleboarding through Amelia Island’s preserved marshlands.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the time but there is also a beautiful Spa! For every meal you could eat at different restaurant without even leaving the property, since there are 9 superb restaurants. You can easily travel around the plantation thanks to the free shuttle. You can enjoy a walk as well,since  there are magical spots all over, it is a photographer heaven!

beach at Amelia island

The conference

Click Away is an inspirational on-location shooting, learning, and social event for photographers organized by Click & Co team. Every year the conference is in a different location and it has grown more and more. This is their 4th year.

They offer a variety of classes that cover most if not every genre of photography. Anyone is welcome to attend. It can give you an excuse to learn more about a genre you are already familiar with. After all there is always something new to learn, we all do things differently. Or explore something new to understand if it might be a new direction to take. Sometimes we have to bring something new to our work.

Click Away is open to everyone, also to whom does photography just as a hobby or just got into it and is still trying to decide what the next step should be.

beach shoots

Click Awayis also a great place to meet new people, share experiences both personal as well as professional. You have a chance to face yourself with others that have in common the same passion for photography. Often you come to realize that they have the same fears or similar to you. It is good sometimes talk to someone who speaks your same “photography language” for a bit. So I don’t have to drive my poor husband crazy all the time!.

I have been told years ago that each person we meet along the way has a purpose in our life. Also if just for a short period. Thanks to your experience with them, whatever it may be, they will guide you to the next step in your life. These moments that you share with complete strangers but with a common passion guide me in this aspect of my life. Thanks to the instructors as well as the fellow photographers that I have met through the years, my art has evolved. It has changed and it has adapted to the person I am today. They have all played a role in this evolution.

Whatever your passion is in life, don’t be scared to share it with the people that speak your “same language”! Don’t feel threatened by them, learn to grow with them, we are all different and have so much to give each other……

Happy Travels Friends!

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