Babies bring changes

I have 3 lovely kids: Cosimo, Emma and Luca. Each one of them has brought a big wind of change in my life.Cosimo, our first, made me a mother. With him I realized what it means to love someone more than yourself. Putting someone before yourself in everything. Worrying for someone else all the time, also when they are fine! Cosimo has made me a new person. He made me realize how fulfilling it is to share your life with a little human. Help him learn how to be in this world. He introduced me to motherhood, parenthood.


Then came Emma! Her birth was connected to our move to the USA, to our complete change of life. She probably suffered a little from this change. To this day I feel bad that we put her through all this at such a young age. However I it has also made her the tough cookie she is today. She brought change, renewal, belief that there is something different that we have to do in our lives.


Last but not least came Luca. Sometimes we feel that he brought changes that are still in the making. Personally what I realized in my business after having him, was that I need to seek and show real life. Through my photography I need to show how things really are and not how we make them look for a good photo. I feel that there are more changes on the way for us but they are not well defined yet. He completed our family, he brought togetherness. He makes us feel like there is no limit to the changes you can welcome in your lives.


That said, I’m going to start applying these changes to my way of doing things in 2017.

Starting by this blog, which is going to be about traveling with kids. Visiting places near and far with them. I am not a lone traveller anymore, I haven’t been one for a while now!


I hope this will be helpful to anyone who feels a little overwhelmed when trying to plan to go somewhere with their kids. It can be so challenging but also incredibly fulfilling for you, your kids and your family as a whole. I have been sharing bits and pieces of our latest trips on my Facebook but I think it is limiting, so I’m going to transfer all my posts and photos to this space and use it instead.

I hope you enjoy seeing and reading about some of our stories……..

Happy Travels!!!

us in thailand
Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

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