Christmas celebrations

4 magical Christmas celebrations in 4 countries

Dec 27, 202114 min read

In the past 4 years, we have spent 4 Christmases in 4 different countries. How did we manage to make it happen in a foreign country? Did it still feel…



Apr 26, 20186 min read

Before venturing off to the Islands here in Belize, we wanted to explore some beaches on the mainland. As I was looking for some hotels in a good location that…

Island Life in Belize

Island Life in Belize

Apr 10, 20187 min read

During our last trip I have come to realize that Belize is very popular both for the beautiful mainland as well as the islands. As I was searching for hotels,…

The Great Blue Hole

Flying over the Great Blue Hole

Jan 23, 20184 min read

You want to know what attracted me to Belize in the first place? A picture I saw in a travel magazine of the Great Blue Hole! I’m not a diver (my husband…

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