The Adventure Globe Book
The Adventure Globe Childrens Book

Sydney, Cairo, and Everest are off on an unplanned adventure!

Simultaneously touching a small globe Sydney found in the attic, the three siblings are brought to places they have only read about in books!

Where will the globe take them?

Will this be the most exciting adventure ever for them?

Will they find their way back home?

Let the journey begin!!!

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Meet the Characters



She is the oldest sister.
Sidney is 9 years old and acts as the most responsible of the 3 siblings. She is curious to learn more about the world around her and knows so many interesting facts about every place they visit. This unexpected adventure is magical for her because she gets to see what she just learned in books. She feels responsible for her younger siblings and takes good care of them also if they drive her crazy most of the time, however secretly she loves it too!



He is the middle child.
Cairo is 7 years old but still loves acting like a 5 year old when playing with his little brother Everest. They will come up with some pretty fun and sometimes a bit dangerous games, but they have the best time together. Cairo looks up to his older sister Sydney, also if he doesn’t want to admit it, especially when there is something to solve. He is excited and maybe a bit nervous about this unexpected adventure. Experiencing foreign places he barely knew about is teaching him so much about the world. This is the adventure of a lifetime, and he gets to share it with Sydney and Everest!



He is the youngest child.
Everest is 4 years old and is probably the naughtiest of the 3. He loves to wrestle with his older brother Cairo, and together they come up with the craziest games. He also loves to play tricks on his sister Sydney, and he isn’t good at listening when she tells him not to do something; actually, most of the time, he does the opposite. But Everest loves that she worries for him. He is fearless and fascinated by anything new he sees or experiences and will do anything to achieve his goal; nothing will stop him, whether running in the desert or climbing around in a hot air balloon basket. This adventure is pure fascination for him, and he wants to experience it without hesitation or fear!

Meet the Author…and the whole family!

The 5 World Explorers Family

Sarah is a professional photographer, currently traveling around the world with her husband Massy and their kids Cosimo, Emma, and Luca.

When she set off on this big adventure in 2018, she vowed to document and share daily about their travels through her photos. The hope was to inspire other families to enjoy their life together whether they travel the world or not.

This book was inspired by her many adventures with her family on their world travels! Her goal is to show the world through kids’ eyes, just like she sees it daily through her kids.

She is also a co-author of 4 travel and worldschooling books that you can find here:

She shares their adventures on a variety of platforms. You can follow her through the links below.

The Inspiration Behind the Book

The Seventh Sin Book

My kids are the inspiration behind this book. However, a gift we received at the beginning of our travels also played an essential role in this inspiration.

In 2018, just a few months into our travels, another full-time traveling mother gifted Luca, our youngest, this Indian children’s book. She wanted him to have a lovely story to read while traveling. He loved it from the beginning, and it has followed us all over the world.

With this story, I wanted to bring the world to all the children out there, whether they travel or not, so they can share these adventures by reading them with their parents.

Happy Reading and happy travels!

Sarah and her traveling family!
The 5 World Explorers


Book Illustrations by Sarah-Leigh Wills


An exciting and educational journey
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 4, 2023
“This is a really fun story and an adventure three siblings share. Along with the travel we also learn some fun facts about each locations they visit. I hope there is more to come in the future”

Reviewed in the United States on July 11, 2023
“My kids were fighting over the iPad when we downloaded this book. We are a traveling family and this is right up their alley! We bought the ebook since we are currently abroad.  The author did a great job of mixing history, geography, travel, and interests for kids in this book. I really liked the drawings too. I can’t wait for the next one!”

Where will Sidney, Cairo and Everest go next?
New adventures coming in 2024!!!

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