Which are the next destinations you are planning to travel to? Do you need some inspiration? Are you looking for a good itinerary? Do you need some tips? Or would you simply like to have a feel of what that location looks like? You’ve come to the right place!

We are a full-time travel family and we have been on the road since 2018. In the past years, our family travel blog has been the perfect place to share our adventures, tips, and tricks. Our hope is also to inspire other families to set out to explore the world together! There are so many amazing destinations to visit, you cannot miss this opportunity!  

On this page, you will find exactly what you’re looking for! We have listed all the countries we visited up to now.

In order to explore the different destinations, simply click on the image. You will be directed to the specific “country page”. There you will find a photo gallery and blog posts we wrote about our adventures there. Keep in mind that the menu is divided by continent. So make sure to scroll all the way down until you find the destination you are looking for!

We are still traveling full time, so if you didn’t find a blog post about a country you are curious to visit, make sure to email us at Feel free to ask us for extra information or tips, we are happy to help! 

Our travel mantra is “Explore the world with who you love!”, so explore this page!!!

Happy travels!!! 




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