Dolarog Beach Resort, Corong Corong, Philippines

Dolarog Jetty

The speedboat is racing on the waves in Bacuit Bay, passing by little islands and traditional outrigger boats. Finally we see a jetty in the distance and a few small cottages. However the extremely tall palm trees and a tiny white beach are what we mainly notice. Our first thought was, where on earth did we go? Who knows if the lovely couple sitting on the boat next to us were wondering the same thing!

The truth is that we went in the right place for our family!

The Location

Dolarog Beach Resort is located 5 Km away from the town proper of Corong Corong. Depending where you are coming from, the trip can be a bit long! We were staying close to Puerto Princesa before our arrival here, so it took us a 4 hours car ride. The taxi dropped us off in front of a dirt road and told us to walk towards the water, there we would find the boat.

The road to the boat....
The road to the boat….

As we got off, we were pretty confused by what we had to do. We all grabbed a bag and made our way through a road full of holes and puddles. As we reached the water we found the boat. We had been alerted before time that we would have to step in the water, but we were surprised anyway by the whole process.

10 minutes speeding in the Bacuit Bay brought us to the resort. As the boat got as close as possible to the beach, we realized that the tide was not high enough to get off from the jetty, so back we were in the water! Once we walked up the steps we are welcomed in the most delightful way with drinks and smiles. We looked around and felt at home immediately. 

the pool
Little cottages are scattered around the property, a large pools sits in the middle with the whole recreation area made of: a bar with a massage room upstairs, a tv room, a play room, loung/library room and then a deck with tables for the meals. All you hear is the sound of the waves, mixed with some birds and a gentle wind that moves the palm trees.

Our hearts were in heaven!

About the resort

Dolarog Beach Resort is a family run business. The name comes from the name of the beach. The owner discovered this beautiful spot 30 years ago while he was exploring the area after leaving Italy, his home country.

He has been running it successfully with his wife. However a few months ago he decided to retire and leave the lead to his kids. It is not a surprise that when you get here you don’t feel only welcomed in a lovely location, but in a family. I truly think that is what makes this place magical. You can feel daily the love and care that everyone puts in making it a very unique experience for all the guests.

A little part have the Dolarog Staff
A little part have the Dolarog Staff

Dolarog Beach Resort is a great place to relax. They are off grid therefore electricity is only available 2 hours during the day and 6PM until morning. There is no road access. It is only accessible by boat or walking along the beach. Of course they provide complimentary scheduled speedboat transfer from the resort to Corong-Corong and vice versa 3 times daily, so you are free to go around and explore.

the pool

Dolarog Beach Resort offers a great Package Rate. This includes Daily Island Tours, breakfast, dinner (drinks are excluded), arrival & departure boat transfer. Considering that you are off the grid this means you don’t have to worry about anything, other than getting there and really enjoying every minute!

Inside of cottage
Inside of cottage

The cottages are of different sizes, with beautiful wood furnishings. They can welcome singles, couples and of course families. Each one has a porch, where you can enjoy looking at the sunset, if you are on the beach. Or simply sit outside and enjoy the peacefulness all around you.

Dinner time
Dinner time

Dinners are a beautiful experience. All tables are set out on the deck or closer to the beach. The meals are different every night and they bring so much food that it is impossible to get up hungry!

Breakfast time
Breakfast time

So once you are here there isn’t much you have to worry about other than get a book, sit back and relax!

Reading time
Reading time

Island Hopping Tours

What was the only problem during our stay? We had not booked enough days!

Dolarog Beach Resort includes 4 island hopping tours in its package rate. The tours allow you to explore the natural beauties of the Bacuit Bay. They are conducted with a traditional outrigger boat and have a duration of about 6 hours.

Lets get back on the boat
Lets get back on the boat

This gave us the chance to explore many beaches, islands, lagoons and snorkeling spots in the area. During these daily adventures we had a chance to admire the natural beauty of the area. We also got a chance to know better our fellow travel mates, sharing a great time together.

Snorkeling time
Snorkeling time

Since we were out for so long, lunch was included in our day trips. They would start cooking on the boat in the morning. Then they would stop on a beach, set the table up with meat, fish, rice, veggies and fruit, so we could enjoy the meal and swim too! Most of the beaches had also vendors on canoes selling coconuts and drinks!

Lunch preparation
Lunch preparation

Everyday we had a different adventure This is the list of the tours offered and where we stopped! Check out our video to see some of the highlights!

LAGOON TOUR:  Small Lagoon,
Big Lagoon, Shimizu Island, Payong-Payong Beach, Secret Lagoon, Entalula Island
Snake Island, Codognon Cave, Cathedral Cave, Sandbar, Pinagbuyutan
Secret Beach, Hidden Beach, Matinloc Shrine, Tapiutan Beach, Talisay Beach
CADLAO TOUR: Helicopter Island, Cadlao Lagoon, Paradise Beach,
El Nido Town, Seven Commando/ Papaya beach

Why is it unique for us?

Our experience at Dolarog Beach Resort  was truly magical!

We felt at home from the moment we stepped down from the boat. Was it the fact that it is family run? Or maybe the stunning environment? Or simply it was completely different from anything we experienced before here in the Philippines? I honestly don’t know, but what I do know is that our time there was very beneficial to our whole family.

We had a chance to disconnect from the outside world and simply take in what the environment had to offer. This is why we consider this a unique place. This is without any doubt one of the places in the Philippines we would return to.

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Dolarog Beach Resort

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