Last winter while we were visiting Thailand, our kids expressed the desire to “explore more of the world”. One might think “it’s just the excitement of the vacation……” not in our family!

After trying to come up with all the good excuses not to do it, we realized there really weren’t any…the only possible answer was “Why Not?!” And so our family dream of embracing a nomadic lifestyle and traveling around the world for 12 months started to take shape!

We decided to create this family travel blog with the purpose of sharing everything about the experience, our stories, images and tips with others interested in traveling. 

We also want to be honest and share the experience of traveling with 3 kids under the age of 10…..I know many are a little afraid and postpone for “once the kids get older”, but then they get older and are not interested in traveling with the family anymore! 

You can do it, sharing this experience with them and open their minds to the beautiful world we live in. Every age will have a different type of interest, we just adapt like we do everyday as they are growing up! I promise I will talk about the good and the bad, no sugar coating!



You can find me usually running after my kids taking pictures…..my family believes that my camera or iPhone are glued to my body!

Born in the USA, but raised in Florence (Italy), where I met my amazing husband in 2008. We started our family and after a couple of years decided to move to Arizona and start over.

I have my own photography business now at The Nomad Photography and I truly drive my kids crazy every single day with all the photos I take of them, so imagine during this trip!!! Luckily I have some awesome parents that often let me photograph theirs so I can give mine a break!

Right now my main focus is running my business and driving all my kids everywhere they need to be (my license plate says “Mom’s Taxi”) ……soon it will only be enjoying new places with my family……

What I love: my kiddos, being silly with my husband (I have never smiled so much in my life since I met him, he makes me happy in every possible way), cappuccino, brioches, sleeping in (it never happens though), the sound and smell of the ocean, walking, bike riding, cooking, puzzles, “Friends”, playing board games all together, reading (when nobody is around…..so NEVER), taking many many photos and of course TRAVELING!!!!

What she love less: waiting, working out, when my kids don’t listen to me!

DADDY – MASSIMILIANO OR MAX OR MASS (pick which you want)

You can find him around the house always fixing something that one of us broke……he is always taking care of us!

Born and raised in Florence (Italy), he is pure Italian!!!!

He is a healer who has learned many different techniques and is always in the process of learning more. He doesn’t follow traditional medicine but alternative, because he believes that we have inside ourselves the power of healing.

He ventured often out of the country to explore new places, then we finally did the big move to the USA in 2010.

What he loves:  his kids, wrestling with them and tickling them so much that they can hardly laugh, talking to people, being in nature, playing board games all together, martial arts, healing, learning something new, numbers, sleep (when possible…..never!!!), and of course TRAVELING!!!!

What he love less: impositions, negative thoughts, soccer (not very typical for an Italian), too much technology (it makes us loose touch with one another).

Family Travel Blog - Traveling with Kids Abroad


You can find him around the house racing 2 or 3 cars or flying his dragons.

Born in Florence (Italy) and raised “for now” in Gilbert (AZ).

He just turned 8 and is starting 3rd grade this year. When he grows up he wants to be a spy, although for his ability in arguing we think he could be an awesome lawyer, so maybe a spy lawyer, that could be interesting…..

He is very active, he has been doing gymnastics since he was 18 months, dances and loves to swim specially underwater! He is funny, smart and very good with numbers.

What he loves:  to ask a million questions, math, chocolate milk, any juice, blueberries, cars, dinosaurs, collecting Pokemon cards, playing board games all together, family time, fighting with is sister and of course TRAVELING!!!!

What he loves less: when we say no, waiting, chores, veggies.


You can find her upside down or climbing anywhere just like a monkey.

Born in Florence (Italy) and raised “for now” in Gilbert (AZ).

She just turned 7 and is starting 2nd grade this year. Her dream job is to teach kids how to go horse back riding (although her brother likes to reminder that she needs to learn how to go herself first). Just like Cosimo, she too started gymnastics very early, actually she was just a few months old and still loves it. She is a dancer too and loves the mini dance company she is in.

She is always willing to help a friend who is a little behind, very respectful, sweet but also very cautious.

What she loves:  panda, drawing, baby dolls, barbies, crafts, milk, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, making lists of everything we have to do, playing board games all together, dusting, spaghetti, lasagna, new outfits and shoes, music and of course TRAVELING!!!!

What she loves less: when she does something wrong, putting in order her toys.

Family Travel Blog - Traveling with Kids Abroad


You can find him upstairs in the playroom throwing everything he finds down the stairs, so beware if you walk in our house something might land on your head!

Born and raised “for now” in Gilbert (AZ). He is 15 months and learning a million things a day! He still doesn’t say much so we have no idea what he wants to do when he grows up!  For now all we know is that he loves to dance, anytime he hears music or just someone humming a tune he will start shaking his little butt, the rhythm is inside of him. He is also always speeding around the house, usually pushing something and chatting in his baby language.

What he loves: milk, being tickled by daddy, to take apart the board games we are playing, clapping his hands, cuddling, dancing anytime the music is on,  a car with remote that he got for his birthday, musical birthday cards (he literally smashes his face inside them to listen to the tune), his brother and sister and of course TRAVELING!!!!

What he loves less: when we don’t hold him, when he doesn’t get what he wants, when I have to change his diaper (most of the time he runs away), when he doesn’t want to go to bed and we make him anyway.

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