Since 2018 we have been traveling around the world. We have visited so many beautiful countries, met many different people and learned a lot about different cultures.

We have had a chance to share these experiences more than once thanks to guest blog posts and video interviews. Our purpose is always to one day hopefully inspire other families to venture out and explore this beautiful world!

Guest posts 

Meet the De Santi Family


Locked Down : The Reality of Full-time Traveling Families

INSPIRATION BOOK: Meet 8 worldschooling families, read their inspirational stories and explore the different ways worldschooling looks. Our story is part of this book! Click here!


Wonder what it's like to be Italian worldschoolers in Nepal during the Covid 19 lock down? Please listen to this interview I did for our We are Worldschoolers Facebook group called Spotlight – Worldschoolers Check in From Around the World with Sarah Lorimer De Santi & Massimiliano De Santi <3

Posted by Lainie Liberti on Monday, 20 April 2020
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