Welcome to our resources page!!! We have been traveling since 2018. At the time of our departure, we thought we were pretty well organized. The truth is that there is always something new to learn and to experience!

Here we want to share with you all the valuable tools we have been using in these years and that have been very helpful in simplifying our full-time traveling life! We are only recommending what we know about or have used perosnally. We hope it may be helpful to you too, whether you start a full-time adventure or a vacation. Feel free to ask us any questions!

Hopefully through them you may find something that works well for you as well!  In some cases we also have some special discounted offers if you use our codes:


Whenever we visit a new place we always take very carefully into consideration a few things:

  1. How long we are going to stay there?
  2. Is it a pricy area?
  3. What are our plans for exploring the location?

For example, if we are visiting a big city only for a few days, most of the time we look for a hotel in a very central location or close to good transportation. If we plan on staying longer, an apartment may be a cheaper and better solution. Instead, if we are staying in the countryside, most of the time a house is our first choice. These are our go-to accommodations websites. Keep in mind that depending on the country you are visiting one might be more convenient than another. For example, when booking a hotel I usually check on one or more sites to see which gives me the best option.

  • Airbnb. After traveling for so long, we often prefer having a real house, with a kitchen and bedrooms, especially if we are going to stay longer. However, we have learned that in some countries it is more popular than in others so you will find better pricing. You also get a better deal if you book for the full week, for example, so definitely consider using it for longer stays! If you would like to join, you can use our discount code by clicking here! You will get up to $50 off a stay and $15 toward an Airbnb Experience of $50 or more.
  • This website gives us the largest options in most of the places we visited. We often use it also to understand better whether it is more convenient to stay in a hotel or house. Depending on the country you will find both options! We like to use the map in order to make our search. We put the area, dates, and preferences and then we look at the map based on the results. This helps us pin down the area, especially if we have never been there before!
  • Agoda. This website is very similar to but we have found here most of the best deals in Asian countries as well as Australia. However, I feel that is growing more and more and it is a big competition. Often we will find some properties on one rather than the other and most of the time Agoda has a lower price.
  • just like the two above we always confront prices and at times we will find better deals here.
  • Trustedhousesitters. If you cannot afford the costs of hotel rooms or house rentals? This site offers you a great alternative. You can house or pet sit someone’s home anywhere in the world! We know many people who use it as their main way of traveling. For the time being, we have only applied a few times but dates and length didn’t work out, however, we always check what is available in the area we are visiting. There are a few things you have to consider though. You have to be ok with the dates and the conditions that the homeowners give you. Not all the time you will be able to tour the city you are staying in during the time of your sit. On the other hand, you will probably have a chance to live more of the local atmosphere. So it is a great opportunity! If you would like to join, you can use our discount code by clicking here and you will get a 25% discount on their membership too. It’s a win-win!

Flight bookings


Travel apps


  • There are thousands of book pdf here free to download!!! 
  •  Epic!. This is a digital library for kids. It offers unlimited access for up to 4 kids for $ 7.99 a month. There is an incredible variety of books, with new ones added weekly. They also offer learning videos. It also sends parents emails telling you what your kids are reading, so you always know what is going on.
  • Book exchange: we love to read actual books! So when possible we try to buy used books, exchange them or at times buy them new too. In my post The book exchange experience I share more about how we manage to always have books with us while traveling.


We have 2 whole posts How our kids learn…what learning tools we use and How our kids learn…Our worldschooling experience about how our kids are learning during our travels. However, all this is combined with visiting museums, exploring new places, and living for some time in a new culture. Learning happens every day all around us!

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