Family fishing at Sarasin Bridge


On our way to our day trip with daddy we stopped to see the Sarasin Bridge. Actually there are two bridges connecting Phuket to the mainland. One was built in 1967, it is smaller (600 meters long) and much older. In 2011 it was renovated. The middle area was raised higher and a watch tower was added. It was converted into a pedestrian only bridge.

Sarasin Bridge

Running to its side, is the much newer and larger bridge, named Thao Thep Krasatti Bridge. This bridge allows traffic to run over a four lane system.


But what I really want to talk about was a special moment we witnessed while walking to the tower.

boy cleaning fish
Little boy cleaning fish

Right under the stairs was a little boy cleaning some tiny fish while his grandfather was sleeping on the floor.

father and son fishing
They caught a big fish!!!

At one point we hear a yell. An older boy caught a fish and we noticed that he was having a hard time pulling it out of the water. The grandfather ran to him and started guiding the fish towards shore. It was incredible to see the excitement of this family in seeing the huge catch. Also friends ran over right away to cheer with them as well.

Sometimes we are so lost in all the things we have, that we forget how to truly value them. That fish was probably their dinner and it was worth celebrating!

family catch
Family catch
father and son
The fish was so big they had to get it by hand

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