Final day in Thailand

Things to do with kids in Thailand

As every morning for the past two weeks, our friendly rooster woke me up. It is a bittersweet feeling though, because today is our last day in this beautiful country. We have spent unforgettable moments here, it has been a real adventure for us and most of all our kids.

Crocodile encounter
Crocodile encounter

I don’t know how much of our adventures will stay in their minds. However I am excited to see how they will share them with their friends. This is the true treasure of traveling, the memories you create thanks to all the new experiences you have daily.

buffalo ride and fish tank

One day at lunch, while we were waiting for our food, Cosimo and Emma asked me about my travels when I was young. We spent two hours talking about the different places I had visited and the stories I had for each place. Who knows how many places they will visit in their lives and how many wonderful stories they will have to share!


I feel blessed for my travels around the world. I am also very happy that my husband and I didn’t let fear to travel with young kids stop us from giving them this experience. Now they will have plenty to talk about!

What did we do

During our stay in Thailand we met lots of people who have been wonderful to our kids.

We witnessed different ways of doing things here compared to where we are from.


We used many different types of transportation: canoes, speedboats, longboats, a family motorbike (that almost went down a hill)!

tricycle and canoe

We swam in the pool everyday, also under the rain. We went to the beach, swam with fish, did cartwheels and handstand, played, ate and built sandcastle!

pool in the rain

We met up close many different animals. We held a baby crocodile. We listened to the Gibbons singing. We fed monkeys at a temple. We cuddled with tigers. We sat on a Buffalo. We saw elephants up and close. Emma also played goalie with one, while Cosimo got tickled from another.

Elephant encounter

We explored a few islands and saw lots and lots of tourists! did a little Thai Boxing.

thai boxing

We learned how they grow rice and how they make rubber.

We experienced a fish spa, but also got some thai massages!

We ate lots and lots of fruit, some the kids had never tried before.We finally ate lots and lots of Pad Thai and our new favorite dessert: mango rice. We also visited a few temples!


The best part of it all, was that we did it together! Also if daddy missed a few adventures because he was busy. Once he got back home at night we told him all about it, so he never felt left out!

Tiger Kingdom
Tiger Kingdom

I hope you enjoyed some of the stories I shared from our trip. I wish my eyes had cameras inside them so I could record every moment and share it. This is it for now but we are already planning our next adventure!!!!

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kids walking on beach
Off to the next adventure together…….

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