The Nomad Life begins… . .

Tomorrow our Nomad life begins! We are officially off on our adventure!We have a first quick stop on the east Coast. We cannot leave the US soil without saying goodbye to that side of the country as well! After that we will be at least 15 hours difference for many months!

nomads and plane
Photo by Natasha Olivia Photography

What did we do in preparation for leaving

It has been a very emotional and incredibly busy couple of weeks. We have been packing our house non stop. Getting it ready to give to the new owners. Dealing with letting go, not always an easy task, specially with things you really love.

Then we focused on trying to pack as light as possible for 1 year around the world, another very challenging task! Visually we thought everything we wanted to bring would fit, but of course physically it really didn’t! During all these moments try entertaining 3 kids that are already in vacation. Trust me, they are not the best help in packing. All they want to do is play! Luckily we had Nonna’s help on a few days and a couple of awesome playdates to keep us sane!

We also had to sell our cars. This was another ordeal that I’m not going to go into too much detail. All I can say is that it took forever! Just like when you are in the process of buying a car.

We had to sell all the furniture online. I’ve never disliked being on Facebook as much as in this last period. I spent most of my time responding, saying yes, saying no, repeating measurements that were already on the ad. At times I also had some arguments, all connected to the stuff I was selling.

Last but not least we had to buy the last things we needed for the trip. We then had to figure out how to squeeze them in the suitcase!

I cannot deny that I feel completely wiped out now and I’m so looking forward to some time off this craziness!

What can you expect from this blog

We are finally ready to embrace this nomadic lifestyle. We are not only planning towards it anymore. We can really focus on our main goal with this blog: share as much as possible about our experience and new lifestyle. Our hope to inspire families that just like ours, that sometimes hold back on traveling for fear of change, costs, dealing with their kids in a different environment and what not to take the leap and travel. We hope to also give some great travel tips and ideas that might help during your travels.

These are some of the topics you will find:

  • What did we bring with us. Many asked and it is time to tell you all about it!
  • How are our days. When you are not in your regular life routine but you are not really in a vacation either. How are your days organized?
  • What are our kids doing. How are they adjusting and reacting to this new lifestyle.
  • What are we visiting, seeing and learning. The more touristy posts about what we see and how we feel about it.
  • Most of all lots of photos of the beautiful places we will be visiting. With the hope to inspire all of you to travel at least to one of these destinations!
nomads with plane
Photo by Natasha Olivia Photography

What is our plan?

As for our travel plan, we have a very general outline now of the places we are going to see. We have plane tickets up to December. However we do not specifically know yet everything we are going to be doing in all these places. We want to leave ourselves open to suggestions and improvisation as we move around.

As for our lifestyle plan, one thing we want to try to do is break away from the routine. This shouldn’t be so hard considering that many things will be different! Some aspects of our days are going to be consistent, such as the home schooling. However that may vary a bit too depending on what we are going to do on that day. We will tell you more as we go no worries!

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With all this said, now please sit back and enjoy the ride, we are going to take you to amazing places!

Happy Travels

The De Santi Family

If you want to read how our plans have changed in the months since we left click on update!

p.s.s. A very special thanks to Natasha Olivia Lord Briggs at Natasha Olivia Photography for embracing my ideas and being incredibly creative with all beautiful photos she took of us!

nomads with plane
Photo by Natasha Olivia Photography

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