Turtle Conservation & Education Center

Just like in Thailand, also here in Bali we wanted to find places where they were working with animals to rescue and protect them.

We feel that it is important to sensibilise our kids on the reality of how animals are treated. There are so many organizations, all around the world, that do their best to protect different species from harm done to them everyday. Most work solely on donations.

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Where did we go?

Here in Bali we found the Turtle Conservation and Education Center. They focus on preserving these creatures, whose population has decreased more and more due to hunting, consumption of the eggs, pollution of the ocean and destruction of breeding beaches around the world.

turtle types

The center is on Seragan Island, also know as turtle island. It was opened in 2006 by Bali Governor I Dewa Made Beratha.

The fundamental aspects of the centre include: putting a definitive end to turtle trade, by encouraging the public not to consume turtle products (religious use or otherwise). To generally support turtle conservation; providing turtles for rituals, without their killing. Monitoring turtle size and numbers, so that their use can be strictly controlled and regulated. Offering employment opportunities for locals from Serangan. Last but not least, acting as a watchdog for turtle trade, in Serangan in particular and Bali in general.


What happens at the Turtle Conservation and Education Center

To visit the center is free, all they ask is to give a donation if you get a guided tour, any amount helps!

During the tour they explain to you everything about the center, show you the process and tell you about the story of some of the bigger turtles that are there.


Out of the seven types of sea turtles, three species are kept and raised here. These are the Green sea turtle, the Olive Ridley sea turtle and the Hawksbill sea turtle. During the tour we saw the hatchery and all the baby turtles, from 1 day to a week old.

1 day and 1 week old baby turtles
1 day and 1 week old baby turtles

There are also some bigger turtles that have been rescued. One of the bigger ones was about 44 years old. It had been rescued from a fisherman that was killing them to sell the meat in Asia. Here they believe that if they eat the turtle meat they will live longer. Fact is that turtle meat is very high in cholesterol, so I doubt it is really that healthy to eat!


Turtle adoption and release

At the end of the tour, for only 150.000 IDR (only $11.24), we had the possibility of adopting a baby turtle and releasing her back to the ocean with your own hands.

turtle adoption
Picking our baby turtle, getting her certificate and driving to the release beach

At the Turtle Conservation and Education Center we were able to choose the name and gave us a certificate of adoption. Then we went to pick our baby turtle. Finally we drove to the beach, where we would release her.

What an amazing experience for the kids to do!

Saying our goodbyes to our little baby Ocean
Saying our goodbyes to our little baby Ocean

Our baby turtle was 1 week old. They don’t let them get older than 1 month, otherwise it will be harder for them to adapt to living in captivity. We named her Ocean. Emma picked her because “she was so cute while she was sleeping”. However we think she was a little lazy, because when we put her on the beach she just sat there, while all the other turtles just ran right to the water. Once we moved her to the water though, she started swimming right away!

Time to go in the ocean!!!
Time to go in the ocean!!!

If you want to learn more about what the TCEC is doing click here. This is a charity organization and depends mainly on donations. The entrance is free, however you can leave any type of donation, you can also buy some little souvenirs or adopt a baby turtle to release to the ocean, anything will help!

TCEC, Turtle Conservation and Education Center: location jalan tukad punggawa lingkungan Ponjok, Serangan  80229, Denpasar, Bali , Indonesia 

Email :  edysemara@gmail.com – info.tcec@gmail.com

Contact : +62 81 338 490357

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