Bali outbound

Sorry for my pre travel post with cell phone photos, but in a couple of hours I’m going to start my long trip to Bali with my 3 kids. You might be wondering, where is my husband? He left earlier for a workshop. We decided that it was much smarter to reach him a bit later. This would give us the opportunity to start our vacation together and not have to wait around for him.


Now as I’m staring at the bags, the backpacks, the stroller and all the other million things that are lying around the room, I’m wondering if it was a smart move after all.

Unfortunately there were no decent flights out of Phoenix that didn’t require 12 to 20 hours layover in Los Angeles, so might as well get there at my convenience by driving there!

To make this trip work I need a really good plan though, considering that it is 3 kids against 1 parent! Phoenix to Los Angeles is a 5 to 6 hour drive. Luca is probably going to sleep most of the time. This means that he will have lots of energy once we get at the airport, but that cannot happen! So we are going to stop in Palm Springs and visit some friends. Possibly make all the kids get a good workout for as long as it will take! Then drive to LAX, park our car and get to the check-in, with our 2 bags, 3 backpacks, 1 carry on and a stroller.

Once we get through security I will let the baby loose and let the older ones run after him (second work out of the day!). Hopefully I will then get on my flight and watch them all pass out. Is that going to work? I sure hope so!

Considering that Cosimo and Emma have been very busy with preparing for Aladdin Jr for the past 2 weeks, they should be pretty exhausted. Luca probably not as much, but lets keep our fingers crossed!


After the first flight we have a few hours in Taipei. My worst fear is actually that next flight because it is going to be daytime. I doubt that Luca will just want to sit on my lap for 5 hours. I’ll keep you posted on our adventure to get to Bali through our instagram and Facebook!


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